Bettorlogic licence unique content software, including Livelogic, in-play bet stimulation for mobile and platform, and Nextbet which uses the Amazon recommendation principle but applied to betting.

Interview with BetterLogic CEO Andrew Dagnall:

This interview was conducted in February 2019

Can you give us a quick run down of what you do and who you do it for.

Bettorlogic has a B2B business which delivers to sportsbooks around the globe reasons why their customers should have a bet based on historical evidence. These reasons are generated before an event starts and then updated throughout the event based on the match situation. For example, it may be 0-0 at Stamford Bridge after 60 mins and Chelsea are playing Man Utd “ When level after 60 mins Chelsea have won six of their last eight home matches against top-six teams like Man Utd”. Covering multiple sports, we generate over 7,000-8,000 reasons to bet during a typical weekend.

In addition our development company delivers front and back end solutions for the gaming industry so that a client can have differentiation from competitors whilst essentially providing the same product. We have software that analyses the betting history of customers which creates a profile to aid CRM, Marketing and is the foundation for a personalised display based on an individual’s bet preferences. The current betting experience for the consumer falls way short of that of other digital experiences such as Spotify or Netflix and yet a sportsbook has many more interactions with a customer than those two businesses.

Specifically, one product that may appeal to football traders is Football Form Labs.  What makes it stand out as a tool for betting on football?

Football Form Labs is a B2C product and exemplifies why Bettorlogic was founded – to enable bettors to access quality data and betting driven editorial that our analysts deliver on a daily basis. Our premium product, Form Lab Black enables bettors to interrogate the database across 60+ leagues, access ranking data across 20+ markets, discover what the effect is of a missing player in relation to the primary betting markets, set alerts based on markets, match situation and strength of our live output and, most importantly, develop and see how profitable a strategy might be. These are just a few examples of what the software can do and it works. We have subscribers who have been with us for the past seven or eight years.

Over the years what’s the one mistake you’ve seen sports trader make whilst betting on Football?

I think the one mistake, and it applies to all types of betting, is not keeping a log of your bets, especially if you have developed a strategy using Football Form Labs. I’ve been betting for more years than I would care to admit and acknowledge that I will inevitably go through a loss making period when I will question my strategy. The benefit of a log is that I can easily see when I have been through similar runs and that helps me to keep faith in my strategy rather than tinkering to make a losing run look like a winning one.

What’s your favourite market to bet on?

Over Goals Live. I have a strategy based on the propensity of the two teams to score/fail to keep a clean sheet and will use that in Leagues where there is value in the goals market, especially late on in games.

And finally, what would be your top three online resources for football traders (other than your own of course)?

Odds comparison sites because there are discrepancies in pricing especially in some of the sub division markets. Occasionally I might use a site like Soccerbase for referee data.