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Sporting Index have offered sports spread betting in the UK since 1992. Sporting Index offer markets such as sports, politics, entertainment as well as having virtual sports games.  Sporting Index is owned by Magnus Hedman and in 2016 Simon Trim (who has been with the company since 1998) was appointed CEO. New customers receive a very generous welcome offer to try out sports spread betting.

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Sporting Index Review

Sporting Index is a UK based bookmaker that was established in 1992. Its betting website was launched in 2001 and gives people the ability to bet upon sporting events including football, horse racing, cricket, rugby union, snooker, and golf. It specialises in spread betting and claims to have 70% of the UK market. 2004 also saw it launch an online casino.

Sporting Index is owned by the Swedish businessman Magnus Hedman and in 2016 Simon Trim was appointed as the CEO. The company was previously owned by Duke Street Capital (2002-2005) and then Hg Capital (2005-2015) The companies main competitor is SpreadEx which was launched in 1999.

Sporting Index Review Bad Points

  • Fixed odds not as good as betting exchanges
  • Can lose more than your stake with sports spread betting
  • Sports spread betting can be quite complicated

Sporting Index Review Good Points

  • Bet on winners and losers
  • In play betting and sports trading
  • Generous welcome bet for new punters

Sporting Index mobile

When it comes to betting on a mobile device with Sporting Index, users have two options: they can download the Sporting Index app, or they can use the mobile interface. The latter option means accessing the usual website via a browser on a mobile device. As the site is mobile optimised, the experience is the same as that on a laptop or desktop.

The mobile app can be downloaded on iOS and Android, meaning that it will work across a variety of smartphones and tablets, including iPads. The app offers all that can be found on the full website but also offers push notifications that alert you to your favourite sporting events that are about to start. The Sporting Index app and that from Spreadex operate in much the same way although there is no option to make deposits or withdrawals on the Spreadex app.

Sporting Index odds

Although Sporting Index specialises in spread betting, it also has an odds section. Here you can bet on a range of sports that come with fixed odds. The markets covered by Sporting Index odds are:

  • Horse racing
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Snooker
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Rugby Union
  • Darts
  • Basketball
  • Greyhound racing

When betting on these markets at fixed odds, account holders can either place a single bet or use accumulators for a series of bets.

An odds account is separate from a spread account at Sporting Index and needs to be funded as such. There are welcome bonuses for spread accounts (currently £50 for spread bets) and odds accounts (currently 5x£5 bets).

Sporting Index football

Sporting Index has a range of football bets available when spread betting. Some of the markets available include:

  • Supremacy
  • Total goals
  • Goal times
  • Time of the first goal
  • Total bookings
  • Own goal minutes

This is a very small selection as there are 100s of markets to bet on. The most popular are supremacy and total goals. Total goals is straight forward in that you are betting on the total goals scored in a match. Supremacy is betting on how many goals one team will beat the other by.

When comparing Sporting Index alongside Spreadex, there is little in terms of difference when looking at the football markets that are available to bet on.

Sporting Index politics

Sporting Index also allows its customers to place spread bets on political events. Areas, where bets can be placed, include:

  • UK General Election seat numbers
  • UK General Election percentage turnout
  • UK General Election most seats index


There is also currently the opportunity to bet on the next country to leave the EU. When compared to Spreadex, there are a similar number of bets that can be placed on UK political events. However, when it comes to US politics, Spreadex has a broader range of events that can be bet upon. Despite this, both are still weighted towards events within the UK.

Sports betting index

A sports betting index allows people to place spread bets on sporting events. This is similar to how people use a spread when it comes to financial markets. The sporting events where a spread can be used at Sporting Index include:

  • Horse racing
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Golf

Sporting Index gives the following example of an index bet:

“We might make a spread for Manchester United at 15-18 for their match against Crystal Palace. If they won theyd make-up 25 and spread bettors who bought at 18 would win seven times their stake. However, if Crystal Palace held them to a draw the make-up would be 10 and buyers would have lost 8 times their stake. If Crystal Palace had won then buyers would have lost 18 times their stake.”

Sporting Index live

When logged into your Sporting Index account, there is the chance to look at the in-play section. This gives live updates on an event that is currently taking place and shows the markets that available to bet on. There is a display that digitally shows what is taking place at each moment.

The live section includes football, cricket, basketball, tennis, ice hockey, and volleyball. At the time of review, the live section featured the tennis match between Shvedova and Pegula at the WTA Dubai. There were 10 markets including total points played, and match supremacy.

Sporting Index sign up offer

The current sign up offer with Sporting Index sees those joining receiving £50 to use for spread betting. The £50 must be used within 7 days. Any winnings from the bonus can be withdrawn, but if your losses exceed £50 you are liable to repay this. Certain markets are excluded from the offer:

  • Basketball Match 100 Index
  • Cricket 100-50-0 Index
  • Darts Play 100 Index
  • Football Win Index
  • Rugby league Team Win Index
  • Tennis Match 100 Index

In contrast, the current offer at Spreadex sees customers rewarded with either an iPad or £300 cashback after they have bet in certain markets.

Sporting Index welcome offer

A welcome offer is the same as a sign-up offer or bonus. In both instances, by signing up with a bookmaker and taking any actions that are stipulated in the terms of the offer, players are rewarded. The reward will usually take the form of free bets that can be used on certain markets.

Bookmakers use sign up and welcome offers as a way to entice new customers to join. There are numerous bookmakers available and they compete to attract your business. Where spread betting is concerned, the offer also allows customers to try this if it is new to them without investing their own funds (although they can still lose their own money).

Sporting Index £25 free bet

As well as the sign-up offer that is available on the spread section of the Sporting Index website, the odds section also features a separate sign up bonus. This offers gives players a free bet worth £25.

The free £25 bet is unlocked by players staking 5 separate £5 bets. These bets must be placed on different events, must all be placed within the first 30 days of signing up, and the odds of any bet must be at least 1/2. Once the free £25 is allocated, players have up to 7 days to use it.

Sporting Index app

The Sporting Index app can be downloaded onto iOS and Android devices. It works on both smartphones and tablets. Sporting Index has recently updated its mobile app and it states that the app now has:

  • Popular sports quick links
  • Recently viewed markets
  • In-play now and up next menu
  • Full range of sports just as on the website
  • Fast price updates
  • Deposit and withdraw funds
  • Push notifications

The main difference between this app and that from Spreadex is that here you can make deposits and withdrawals. With Spreadex, you need to visit the website in order to do this.

Sporting Index Premier League

Sporting Index has a wide range of Premier League markets that players are able to bet on. This includes betting on particular games and also on long term events. Examples of long term spread betting include:

  • Premier League points
  • Premier League Outright Index
  • Premier League Relegation Index
  • Premier League Golden Boot Index

When it comes to spread bets on individual games, Sporting Index has similar offerings to Spreadex. Both offer the opportunity to bet on the most popular markets. The most popular Premier League spread betting markets at Sporting Index include:

  • Goal Supremacy
  • Total Goals
  • 1st Match Goal
  • Bookings
  • Corners
  • Total Goal Matches

Sporting Index fixed odds

Sporting Index also offers players the opportunity to bet with fixed odds. The website makes it easy to toggle between the spreads section and the odds section. This isn’t quite as easy to do at Spreadex as you need to select odds or spread once you have actually clicked on an event. The odds section at Sporting Index automatically shows all available events with fixed odds.

Within the football market, there are fixed odds available on which team will win, lose, or draw. You are also able to bet on half time scores, the number of goals to be scored, and whether both teams will score.

Sporting Index golf

At Sporting Index you are able to bet on a wide range of golfing events. This covers the major European matches as well as PGA, Champion’s Tour tournament, Australian matches, Asian, and LPGA events. The main markets offered are similar to those at Spreadex and include:

  • Finishing positions
  • Hotshots
  • Winning score
  • Winning margin

As an example of the finishing positions market, it may be that Sporting Index offers Tiger Woods at 21-24. If you expected Woods to finish higher than 21st then you would sell. If he then finishes second, he would be 19 places higher than 21st and so you would receive 19 times your stake.

Simon Trim Sporting Index

Simon Trim is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Sporting Index. This is a role that he has held since 2016 and sees him running the entire Sporting Index group. Trim had already been with the company for 18 years prior to his appointment as CEO and from 2011-2016 he held the position of Managing Director of Sporting Solutions, the business to business arm of the Sporting Index group.

From 1998-2011 Trim held the position of Director of Trade for the company. He was educated at Kingston University where he obtained a BA(Hons) in economics.

Sporting Index London office

Sporting Index is a UK based company and has its registered office in London. The registered office address is: Sporting Index Ltd, Gateway House, Milverton Street, London, SE11 4AP

The advantages for customers of sporting Index having a London based office include the benefits of customer service. Customer service advisors are UK based and work hours based in the UK time zone.

Being based in the UK also allows Sporting Index to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This is mandatory in the UK for any company that offers spread bets given the nature of risk that can be involved.

Sporting Index spread betting

Spread betting is the process of predicting what will happen in a certain market. A spread bet is displayed with a sell-buy range. An example of this would be the Football Total Goals market. If the sell-buy range was 2.5-3.0 and you thought that more than 3 goals would be scored, you would buy. If you thought the total would be less than the range then you would sell.

The advantage of spread betting is that your return is not fixed like it is with fixed odds betting. The more right you are the higher multiple of your stake you win. Conversely, the more wrong you are the more you can lose.

Sporting Index phone number

Sporting Index lists a telephone number for customers to contact customer support. This number is listed as 08000 96 96 07. This number can be used to place bets over the phone and also to seek customer support. Sporting Index also offers a chat function on its website as well as offering an email address. The advantages of a phone number are that you can get an instant response to your query and you may find it easier to explain something verbally rather than by typing.

Traditionally online bookmakers do not offer a phone number and customer support is offered via live chat and/or email.

How does Sporting Index work?

Sporting Index analysis past events in order to establish an average range of what might happen at a given event. It will then display this to its customers as a sell-buy range. Rather than being a fixed outcome, any wagers are based on this range.

If Sporting Index believed that there would be 46 4s in a cricket match it may display the range as 45.5-46.5. If you believed that there would be more than 46, you would back the buy price. If you are then wrong, not only do you lose your stake, you also lose multiples of how wrong you were.

Sporting Index deposit

Sporting Index allows its customers to make deposits to their accounts via debit card or bank transfer. Adding a debit card to an account can be done by going to the ‘My Account’ tab at the top of the homepage and then clicking to add a card. If customers wish to make deposits via bank transfer then they need to contact customer support to be given the relevant details. Sporting Index operates responsibly and so compile with Anti Money Laundering legislation (AML). This means that it will need to see ID to verify your identity before you are able to make a deposit.

Sporting Index withdrawal time

You can make a withdrawal from Sporting Index by going to the ‘My Account’ section on the homepage. You can then click to withdraw funds and choose which card that the payment will be sent to. The minimum withdrawal amount is £5 while there is no maximum amount that can be withdrawn.

Sporting Index states that it takes an average of 3-5 days for a transfer to complete. This is industry standard when debit cards are used as a withdrawal method. Sporting Index states on its website that when you attempt to make your first withdrawal, they request to speak to you as a security measure.

Sporting Index demo account

Sporting Index offers customers the option to use a demo account. The demo account gives 14 days access to real sports events, but no real money is used or wagered. Given that spread betting is different from the fixed odds bets that most punters are used to, a demo account is an ideal opportunity to learn how this works without any risk.

The nature of spread betting means that is possible to lose more than just your initial stake. While that risk will always exist, a demo account means that customers have the chance to familiarise themselves with the workings of spread betting.

Sporting Index FAQs


Is sporting Index legit?

Yes, Sporting Index is legit. Sporting Index was founded back in 1992 and is still operating successfully today. It is all regulated by the FCA.

What is Sporting Index?

Sporting Index is an online bookmaker. It offers gamblers the opportunity to bet with fixed odds like a traditional bookie but it specialises in spread betting.

Can Sporting Index close my account without giving me a reason?

Sporting Index would not seek to close an account without reason. If an account is closed it is likely that the terms and conditions have been breached. If this happens you can communicate with Sporting Index to find out more.

Do Sporting Index close accounts?

Yes, Sporting Index will close accounts if the account holder is in breach of any of the terms and conditions. Being regulated by the FCA, Sporting Index needs to ensure that it is complying with relevant legislation.

Does Sporting Index have fees?

No, there are no fees incurred by using Sports Index. There are no fees applied to deposits or withdrawals which means that any winnings are 100% yours with no deductions being made.

How do you do an Acca on Sporting Index?

An accumulator, such as a four-fold can be placed by adding the relevant selections to your betting slip. The betting slip gives the option to select your bets as being an accumulator.

How long to withdraw from Sporting Index

Withdrawals can be actioned through the ‘My Account’ section. When a withdrawal is requested it will take 3-5 business days for the funds to reach your debit card.

How to bet with Sporting Index

Sporting Index presents 2 ways in which customers can bet. They can visit the spread section of the website and use spread betting, or utilise the odds section for traditional fixed odds bets.

 How to open a Sporting Index account

Clicking ‘Join now’ at the top of the homepage will guide you through the sign-up process where you will need to provide your personal details and also verify your identity.

How to use Sporting Index

The Sporting Index site is easy to navigate meaning you can find the markets that you want to bet on. The site also contains a number of user guides to assist you.

How to use Sporting Index promotion bet

On signing up for a spread betting account, you will be credited with £50 to use on spread betting. The terms and conditions list markets where this bet can not be used.

Is Sporting Index on Gamcare?

Yes. Sporting Index displays its commitment to responsible gambling by partnering with Gamcare as well as GamStop and Be Gamble Aware.

What is a bad beat offer in Sporting Index?

If you back a football team to win and it loses, but wins according to expected goals the Sporting Index refunds your wager to be used as a free bet.

Why can’t I withdraw on Sporting Index?

For security reasons Sporting Index will sometimes request to talk to its customers before they make their first withdrawal. This may also be required when withdrawing large amounts.