25:10 Index

The 25:10 index market is a football sports spread betting type based on the result of one football match. The winning team is awarded 25 points, and the losing team receives no points. In the result of a draw, both teams are awarded 10 points each. If you back a team to win at 15-17 …

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2nd To 3rd Distances

The 2nd to 3rd distances market is a horse racing sports betting type that works in the same way as the distances market, but instead of measuring the distance between the winner and the 2nd placed horse, it measures the distance between the 2nd and 3rd placed horses. This can be particularly popular if there …

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99s Distances

The 99s distances market is a horse racing sports spread betting type that works the same as the distances market with one difference; the maximum lengths cap is increased significantly from 12 lengths to 99 lengths. This offers the chance to win more money but also comes with more exposure.


An Acca bet is shorthand for an Accumulator bet

Account Balance

When you deposit money, this will be added to your account balance, so you know how much cash you have to place bets with. It is also where any money you win will show up as it adds to your balance, and where money will be taken from if you withdraw any cash. Some account …

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An accumulator, often referred to as an Acca, is a bet made up of multiple selections on different outcomes, usually across different events. For example, choosing four or more different football teams to win their game. It works with the stake and return from the first selection rolling on to the next bet, and so …

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Action refers to playing poker and to describe any of the different betting options that occur. For example, to bet, raise, call, or fold, are all examples of actions that occur in poker.


Aggregates is a form of betting where you predict a total number of things to happen, such as the number of goals scored across a group of games.


If you go all-in in poker, it means you are betting all your chips on a single hand. This could happen if you have a strong hand and decide to bet all your chips, or to call or raise an all-in bet from an opponent.

All-Weather Racing

In horse racing, when a meeting involves all-weather racing, it means the contests are taking place on an artificial surface that can survive heavy rain or snow etc. In the UK and Ireland, there are three types of all-weather tracks, which are Polytrack, Fibresand, and Tapeta.