The phrase supremacy refers to a market that is based on the margin of victory separating two teams or horses. For example, in football, Team A/Team B supremacy might be 1-3, which means the bookmaker expects Team A to beat Team B by two goals.

Supremacy bets in football

The supremacy market is a football sports spread betting type where you bet on one team to beat another. The greater the margin of victory the more profit you will make. So if your team wins 3-0 your supremacy total is 3 which is multiplied by your stake. If the odds for the game are listed at 0.8 (Underdog) – 1.0 (Favourite) and you have backed the favourite team to win then you would subtract 1.0 from your supremacy total which would be your profit. If you wanted the underdogs to win you would sell and if the score line finished 3-0 then you would add the 0.8 to the margin of victory giving you a supremacy total of 3.8 which is then multiplied by your stake.