Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the most popular sporting events to bet on. The most popular bookies for betting on horse racing are fixed odds, betting exchanges and for more experienced gamblers sports spread betting.

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Compare the Best Horse Racing Betting Sites & Bonuses in the UK

Use our comparison table of horse racing bookies regulated by the UK Gambling Commission to compare welcome bonuses, betting options, deposit methods, and platforms.

Horse racing betting

Horse racing betting has been around for many years. The sport itself started in ancient times when nomadic tribesmen would race against each other. People began betting on these races at the time of King James I reign, at the beginning of the 1600s. The sports have evolved over the years and are enjoyed all over the world from the UK and Ireland to the US, Japan, South Africa, and many more countries. It has become a billion-pound market and is continuing the grow. It is a fantastic spectator sport and a horse racing meeting can be quite the event.

How to bet on horse racing

There are many ways how to bet on horse racing whether that is online or via a bookmaker’s shop. There are even different ways to bet online such as fixed odds, the exchange, and spread betting. The main types of bets include selecting the winner, each way bet which covers you for finishing in one of the placed positions, or a match bet where you are solely betting on one horse to finish in front of another.

Horse racing fixed odds betting

Horse racing fixed odds betting means that the odds of the market you wish to bet on are predetermined. There are many different fixed odds bets to choose from such as betting on a particular horse to win the race, an each-way bet, a forecast, a tricast and betting without the favourite to name a few. The betting without the favourite market is popular if you have a strong favourite in a race and you don’t wish to take that favourite on. Yours odds will be considerably lower but your chances of winning will improve.

Horse racing betting exchange betting

Horse racing betting exchange betting differs from other betting as instead of betting against a bookmaker or company you are betting against other users. You also have the option to become the bookmaker yourself and lay bets. The hosting exchange site will take a small percentage called commission from your winning bets. You can still bet on most of the same markets that you can with fixed odds betting with a few additions such as place market betting. Place market betting is where you back or lay a horse to finish in one of the place positions and you win the same amount whether your horse finishes first, second or third. The upside of this is your chances of winning are increased but the downside is it can be frustrating if your horse wins the race as you will only receive the place market money which will be considerably smaller than the win market one.

Horse racing sports spread betting

Horse racing sports spread betting is different to conventional betting via fixed odds or on the exchange markets and puts a different spin on horse racing betting. Popular markets include match bets, winning distance and favourite performance. The winning distance market is interesting as you don’t have to predict the winner of the race. You are betting on whether or not you believe the winning distance between the horses placed first and second in the race will be over or under the selected spread.

List of UK horse racing tracks

There are 60 active race tracks in the UK across Scotland, England and Wales.. The list of major UK horse racing tracks includes:

  • Ascot
  • Aintree
  • Cheltenham
  • Doncaster
  • Goodwood
  • Newbury
  • Newmarket
  • Sandown Park
  • Kempton Park

List of major horse races in the UK

The list of major horse races in the UK includes the following:

  • Cheltenham Gold Cup – Cheltenham (Mid-March)
  • Grand National – Aintree (Early April)
  • Guineas – Newmarket (Early May)
  • Eclipse – Sandown (Early July)
  • Derby – Epsom (Early June)
  • Ascot Gold Cup – Ascot (Mid-June)
  • Leger – Doncaster (Mid-September)
  • The King George – Kempton (Late December)

There are many others and a full list of racing and meetings can be found on the British Racing Boards website.

Sky Bet horse racing

Sky Bet horse racing offer fixed odds betting and like most bookmakers they offer their own bonuses and perks. They are currently running a promotion for new customers that offers £20 in free bets. To qualify all you need to do is sign up and place a £5 bet. As with all promotions there are terms and conditions so be sure to read them beforehand. Sky Bet have an excellent reputation and are part of the Sky umbrella and are therefore a worldwide brand. They currently sponsor the English football league.

Bet365 horse racing

Bet365 horse racing offer traditional fixed odds betting such win markets, each-way betting and match bets. Bet365 have a fantastic sign-up offer where they will match your initial deposit up to £100. Please read the terms and conditions before you register. Bet365 have a great reputation and they are well known for their in-play betting. Bet365 currently sponsor Stoke City football club.

William Hill horse racing betting

William Hill horse racing betting has many different fixed odds markets to choose from such as the win market, betting without the favourite or match bets. William Hill currently has a promotion available to new customers where you sign up, deposit a minimum of £10 and they will give you £30 in free bets. There are terms and conditions that apply to this offer. William Hill are one of the oldest bookmakers around and therefore have a good reputation. They are currently the sponsors of the Scottish football cup.

Spreadex horse racing betting

Spreadex horse racing betting is slightly different than traditional horse racing betting. Spreadex offer spread betting markets on horse racing such as winning distance, favourite performance and match bets. Spreadex are currently offering new customers the option to either claim back up to £300 of any losses made on their first 28 days or they can choose to select an IPad. Please see the terms and conditions on the website for more details. Spreadex have an excellent reputation as one of the leading spread betting providers in the UK.

Sporting Index horse racing betting

Sporting Index horse racing betting offers customer the chance to place bets on various spread betting markets. These markets include the win index markets, winning distances and match bets. Sporting Index offer a no deposit bonus of £50 for you to bet with when you register a new account. Please see the full terms and conditions before you sign up. Sporting Index are the oldest and possibly largest spread betting company in the UK. They have sponsored many horse racing jockeys over the years such as Barry Geraghty and Frankie Dettori.

Smarkets horse racing betting

Smarkets horse racing betting is done on the exchange where they allow their customers to bet against each other for a small commission which is taken from winnings. You can either choose to back or lay on markets such as the win market, place markets or match bet markets. They currently have an offer on where by you make a deposit of £20 and they will refund any of your losses up to the value of £10. Please read the terms and conditions to ensure you meet the requirements. Smarkets are one of the less well known betting exchanges out there but they are still a reputable company and have sponsored Queens Park Rangers football club.

Betfair horse racing betting

Betfair horse racing betting is the largest horse racing betting exchange site in the UK. Users bet against each other rather than a bookmaker and Betfair take a percentage of the winnings. You can choose to back or lay on markets such as the race winner, place markets or place a match bet. Betfair are offering new customers a risk free £20 bet whereby if your first £20 bet losses they will refund the £20 and you have the ability to withdraw that money instead of it being in free bets. Please check the qualifying requirements before you register.

Betdaq horse racing betting

Betdaq horse racing betting offer exchange betting between its users. This means rather than betting against a bookmaker you are betting against other customers. You can choose too back or lay bets on markets such as the win market, the place market or perhaps you would prefer a match bet. Betdaq has a promotion running for its new customers whereby you open an account, place a £10 qualifying bet and you will receive a free £10 bet to use. Check all the terms and conditions out on the website. Betdaq are one of the smaller betting exchanges.

Matchbook horse racing betting

Matchbook horse racing betting is an exchange betting service that offers peer to peer betting at the cost of a percentage of any winnings. This means you can back or lay bets against other users on markets such as the race winner, match bets or on the place market. They currently have an offer on to new users where they won’t charge you any commission on your bets up until the 12th April. Please read the full terms and conditions on their website. Matchbook are one of the newest betting exchange services and therefore not as well-known as other betting exchanges. They sponsor many big horse races in the UK as well having sponsored Brentford football club.

Horse racing results

Horse racing results can be found on many internet sites such as Sporting Life, BBC Sport, Racing Post or Attheraces to name a few. Sporting Life possibly offer the quickest service as the results are posted almost as soon as the horses cross the winning line. They also have a large archive of results which goes back some way. This sort of research can help you predict the winners of future races as you can get an in-depth break down of a horses race, running style and see exactly what happened during that race.

Horse racing betting sites

Horse racing bets sites cover various different things dependent on what kind of information you require. This can be anything from placing bets, getting the latest results, finding out track information or reading the latest horse racing news. Websites such as Sporting Life, Racing Post and Attheraces cover most topics and can direct you to other websites should they not have the information you want.

Paddy Power horse racing betting

Paddy Power horse racing betting offer fixed odds betting on a multitude of horse racing markets. These markets include match bets, win markets and place markets. They currently have a promotion available to new customers that offers them £50 on free bets when they spend £20. Please check out the full terms and conditions on their website before registering. Paddy Power have a good reputation within the industry and they sponsor many major sporting events.

Horse race betting online

Horse race betting online is the most popular way to place horse racing bets as opposed to going into a betting shop, placing trackside bets or placing bets over the telephone. The biggest draw to this is you can place a bet at anytime, anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. You also have the most up to date odds available. The downside can be not having internet access, if you are in a poor signal area for instance using your mobile phone, you may not be able to get the bet on before the race begins.

Horse racing betting calculator

A horse racing betting calculator can be found on nearly all UK betting websites. The calculator allows you the opportunity to work out potential profit or losses before you place a bet. This can be handy especially when placing bets with more than one selection.

Horse racing bets tips

Horse racing bets tips can be found on many websites on the internet. These websites will pick a horse they believe will run well in a race and often give the reasoning behind their selection. Some websites make you pay for this service and others offer it for free. If you want to follow the tips on these websites it can be a good idea to research their history to find out how successful they are as they will often all claim to be the best.

Live horse racing betting

Live horse racing betting can be done through all exchange betting websites and some fixed odds ones also. Live horse racing betting is a bet placed after the race has started. For example, if a particular race is half way through and you like the way a certain horse is running you could back it in running. The advantages of doing this is firstly you know the horse has started the race and isn’t a non-runner or withdrawn and secondly it gives you a small indication of how the horse is on the day as there is no guarantee that they will run as bad or as well as their previous race.

Horse racing betting odds

Horse racing betting odds can be found on all horse racing betting firms’ websites, in horse racing newspapers, as well as other horse racing information websites. There are two types of odds fractional and decimal. They essentially mean the same thing but decimal odds can be slightly more precise. For example, in fractional odds you would jump from 9/2 (5.5) to 5/1 (6.0). However, with decimal odds you could go 5.6, 5.7, 5.8 and 5.9.

Ladbrokes online betting horse racing

Ladbrokes online betting horse racing offer a fixed odds betting service. You can bet on many different markets such as the race winner, each way bet or a match bet. They currently have a promotion running where you can claim £20 in free bets once you have placed your first £5 bet. There are qualifying rules so check the terms and conditions. Ladbrokes have a good, long history and are a reputable company. The currently sponsor many horse races and sporting events in the UK.

Best horse racing betting sites

When searching for the best horse racing betting sites you want to look for what sort of betting, they provide so that it matches your interests. Compare the odds with other betting sites to ensure that you they are getting the best value for money and this helps maximize your profits. Make sure they have are reputable, you can find many betting website reviews online so don’t be afraid to do your research.

Free horse racing bets

Free horse racing bets can be found on most horse racing betting websites. As well as sign up offers, these websites often run promotions throughout the year where you place bets and then qualify for further free bets. These can often be when there is a big racing meeting taking place such as the Cheltenham Festival or Royal Ascot.

Corals horse racing betting

Corals horse racing betting offer fixed odds betting on a multitude of horse racing markets. These vary from betting on the race winner, each way bets of perhaps you want to bet on an accumulator where you select more than one horse to win in different races. Coral currently offers £20 in free bets when you place a £5 bet. You have to meet the qualifying requirements so check the terms and conditions. Coral has an excellent reputation and fantastic customer service. Coral sponsors many high profile horse races such as the Welsh Grand National.

Horse racing betting sites UK

Horse racing betting sites in the UK are regulated by the gambling commission. Although this comes with stricter rules, it does offer customers more security when betting. They can be safe in the knowledge that their money and personal details are kept safe. Other horse racing betting sites around the world don’t always have to be regulated and therefore come with greater risks.

Horse racing betting sporting life

Sporting life offer many horse racing betting services such as tips, news and links to other betting sites. They also offer odds comparison services so that you don’t have to search through many different websites trying to find the best odds available. They have a fantastic results service that is one of the fastest services you will find on any website.

Horse racing bets explained

Horse racing bets can be explained in many different ways. It all depends how serious or in-depth the customers interests lay. Many customers will purely want to bet on the race winner which is the most popular market you can find. However, there are hundreds of different markets available and different ways to bet. For example, if you’re tired of betting on losers and often say to yourself I can’t beat the bookmakers, then why not register on an exchange betting website and essentially become the bookmaker yourself.

Horse racing betting strategies

Horse racing betting strategies can be found on various websites on the internet. These strategies will often focus on different aspects of racing. For example, you might come across a strategy that focuses on how well each horse runs on a particular going. Another example could be focusing on the jockey/trainer winning combination percentage when partnering up together. You have to pay for most strategies but there are some that are offered free. The best way to research these is to ask for proof of winnings over a period of time like 6-12 months.

Types of horse racing bets

The types of horse racing bets vary and bookmakers are finding many news ways to bet on horse racing. The main bets are win, each way, place betting, forecast and tricast betting. However, there are other markets available such as match betting where you are betting on one horse to beat another. Then there is spread betting which offers a totally different experience and you can bet on markets such as the winning distance of the favourites performance.

Horse racing betting app

Horse racing betting apps are available with most betting websites in the UK. The main benefits of using these is that you have quick access to the betting platform and you can often keep up to date with bets via live notifications.

In play horse racing betting

In play horse racing betting means placing a bet on a horse race once it has begun. All exchange betting providers offer this service as well as some fixed odds ones too. The benefit to placing an in-play horse racing bet is you get the opportunity to see how the horse is performing on the day as you have no guarantee that they will run the same way that they did in their last race.

Watch live horse racing

You can watch live horse racing in the UK through terrestrial television or one of the racing channels names sky racing or racing UK. You can also watch a live horse race on a horse racing betting website but you often have to place a qualifying bet in that race to do so.

Latest horse racing betting

You can find the latest horse racing betting on various internet sites. The best ones include the racing post, sporting life and ATR. On these sites you will find the latest odds, news, tips and much more.

Best bet in horse racing today

The best bet in horse racing today depends on the person placing it. This is because we all have different limits and interests. For example, some smaller staked punters might place a treble bet where they need three horses to win three separate races. This can be hard to achieve but the rewards can be very beneficial. Other punters prefer quirky markets such as the winning distance one offered by spread betting companies. This means you don’t have to predict the winner of the race and you might want to watch some thrilling, tight action and therefore sell the winning distance market.

Betting bias horse racing

Betting bias horse racing is a horse racing tipping service that tries to point punters in the direction of backing winners and essentially making money. They also offer handy pullout features such as racecourse guides. The service is free to use and their angle is they use race trends to help identify winners. A typical race trend could be the all of the previous ten winners of a particular race all won their previous race.

Horse racing betting terms

There are many Horse racing betting terms but here are some which should help you with the basics:

  • Antepost – A bet placed at least a day before the race is due off.
  • Banker – A horse that has a great chance of winning.
  • Drifter – A horse whose price is getting bigger.
  • Each Way – A bet where half the stake goes on the win market and the other ha!f on the place market giving you more insurance on your bet.
  • Favourite – The shortest priced runner.
  • Longshot – A horse who is deemed to have very little chance of winning.
  • NAP – The best bet of the day for that particular person.
  • SP – Starting price.
  • Stake – The amount of money bet.

Betting forecast horse racing

Betting forecast horse racing is where you bet on two horses to finish first and second in a race. This can be very hard to achieve but the rewards can be big. You can also place abet called a reverse forecast where the two horses selected can finish first or second in any order. This costs you double your stake but gives you more assurances.

Horse racing bet return calculator

You can find a horse racing bet return calculator on most horse racing betting websites. The calculator works by you entering the odds of the horse and how much you want to stake and it will work out how much you will win. This can be useful for inexperienced horse racing punters or if you have a multiple bet which might be harder to work out. For sports spread betting you can use the Horse Racing spread betting calculator to calculate winnings or for betting exchanges use the Fractional to decimal odds converter to convert decimal odds to fractions.

Best horse races to bet

What is the best horse races to bet on? All races are good to bet on as you can get as much excitement from a selling race as you can the Gold Cup. It all depends what the user wants. If it’s the thrill of the race then a race at the Cheltenham Festival or Royal Ascot is for you.

Best value horse racing bet

The best value horse racing bet depends on what the punter wants to bet on and how much they have available to stake. There are many different markets to choose from and it depends on the betting style of the punter. For example, if you are a cautious gambler you might want to bet on the place market as they offer less risk. If you have very little stake than something like a placepot could be the thing for you where you have to pick a horse in each race and they all have to get placed for you to win. This is hard to achieve but the layouts can be huge.

Horse racing betting FAQ


How to bet on horse racing?

You can bet on a horse race online, in a betting shop or over the telephone. There are many different markets to choose from.

How does betting work in horse racing?

There are many ways to bet on horse racing either that’s via fixed odds, exchange betting or spread betting. Each type of betting offer a multitude of different markets.

How to bet a pick 5 in horse racing?

A pick 5 bet works by trying to predict the winner of five consecutive horse races. It is very hard to achieve but the returns can be massive and therefore only requires a small stake.

What is a super heinz bet in horse racing?

A super heinz is a bet consisting of 120 multiple bets made up from seven selections which includes doubles, treble’s, four-folds, five-folds, six-folds and an accumulator.

What is the best type of bet in horse racing?

This is dependent on punter but the most popular bet is simply the race winner.

How does betting work on horse racing?

There are many ways to bet on horse racing and many types of bets. You need to work out what type of bet you want to place first and that can be determined by which platform you choose to use. Horse racing betting can be as simple or as difficult as the punter wants.

How to bet on horse racing each way?

To place an each way horse racing bet you simply need to write each-way on the betting slip in a betting shop or click the each-way box online.

What is a flag bet in horse racing?

A flag bet is a combination bet that consists of 23 bets made from four selections. This means whatever your stake is you have to multiply it by 23 to place this bet. The more winners you have the greater your return will be.

What is a Yankee bet in horse racing?

A Yankee bet is a four-selection bet consisting of 11 bets. You need at least two winners from the four selections to win.

Who to bet on horse racing?

This all depends on what type of market you want to bet on. If it’s the race winner you are looking for you might want to research the horses recent form, how it has run on the going in the past or perhaps how we’ll the jockey or trainer or performing at present.

How to work out a lucky 15 horse racing bet?

The easiest way to work out the return on a lucky 15 horse racing bet is to use a horse racing calculator on one of the horse racing betting websites. This will help you to firstly work out how much the bet will cost and secondly what the returns could potentially be.

What is spread betting horse racing?

Spread betting on horse racing is different from traditional betting. Essentially you are also betting on over or under the spread, whether that be the winning distance between the horses that finish first or second or a match bet between two horses.

How much money is bet on horse racing each year?

Approximately four billion pounds is bet on horse racing each year in the UK alone.

How to understand betting odds horse racing?

There are two types of betting odds which are fractional and decimal. To work out fractional odds you work out the fraction and then multiply it by your stakes this give you your profit. Decimal odds work by multiply the decimal number by your stake. This will include your returned stake and is therefore not all profit.

What does outright betting mean in horse racing?

Outright betting means betting you are betting on an event rather than an individual race. For example, you might bet on the outright winner of the jockey championship. This means you would have to wait until the end of the flat or jump season to see if your chosen jockey has won the most races or not.

What is a heinz bet in horse racing?

A Heinz bet is a six-selection bet consisting of 57 bets. You need to have at least two winners to see any return from your bet.

What is a jackpot bet on horse racing?

A jackpot bet is a tote bet and the idea is to pick all of the winners at a particular race meeting. This is very hard to achieve but the profits can be fruitful.

What is a patent bet in horse racing?

A patent bet consists of seven bets from three selections and you only need one winner to see any returns.

What is a show bet in horse racing?

A show bet works exactly the same way as placing a place market bet as you only need your selected horse to finish first, second or third to win your bet.

Can you bet on all the horses in a race?

Yes you can bet on all of the horses in a race but unless one of the outsiders win then it is likely you won’t make any profit.