Football is one of the most popular sporting events to bet on. The most popular bookies for betting on football are fixed odds, betting exchanges and for more experienced gamblers sports spread betting.

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Compare the Best Football Betting Offers, Sites & Bookies in the UK

Use our comparison table of football bookies regulated by the UK Gambling Commission to compare welcome bonuses, betting options, deposit methods, and platforms.

Football betting

Football betting involves gamblers staking money on a particular outcome of a football match. As football is one of the most popular sports in the UK, football betting itself is also extremely popular amongst gamblers in the country. People are able to place a bet on the end result such as a particular team winning or the match will end in a draw. Other popular football bets include betting on the number of goals that will be scored during a match, the time of the first goal, and who will be the first goalscorer.  Gamblers are also able to bet on what the score will be at half time/full time as well as on whether both teams will score (BTTS).

Football betting tips

Football betting tips can be sourced from numerous websites and across social media platforms. These services are charged for and can see gamblers paying a monthly subscription to be given access to the football betting tips that are on offer. The advantages of using these tips are that the person/company providing the tips will have already analysed the markets giving those placing bets a greater chance of winning. The downside is that people may end up betting on matches/markets that they know little about and have little interest in. There are plenty of reports of people successfully making money from football betting tips, but due diligence is essential before selecting a provider.

SkyBet football

SkyBet is a popular online bookmaker that has a range of football markets that can be bet on. SkyBet football bets allow gamblers to wager on matches across the UK as well as in Europe and beyond using fixed odds. SkyBet covers the most common betting markets such as the match result and number of goals, but it also allows gamblers to combine events such as both teams to score + number of corners. SkyBet offers a welcome bonus to new customers. At present this sees people place a £5 bet and then receive £20 in free bets by way of 2 £10 tokens. SkyBet is the current sponsor of the English Football League.

Smarkets football betting

Smarkets is one of the major betting exchanges in the UK and is well known and respected. Smarkets football betting covers all of the major markets such as correct score, full/half time results, and both teams to score. There are a whole host of other opportunities to bet on too. Smarkets is an exchange rather than a bookmaker meaning that odds are not fixed. Instead, they are set by gamblers themselves and if acceptable someone will match them. This gives greater flexibility than you’d get at a traditional bookmaker. Smarkets currently has a welcome bonus which sees customers receiving a £10 free bet once they have made their first deposit of £20 or more.

Betfair football betting

Betfair is one of the market leaders when it comes to betting exchanges in the UK. Betfair is well established and well respected by gamblers. Betfair football betting takes place on the exchange meaning that unlike betting at a bookmaker, the odds are not fixed. Gamblers are able to set their own odds and then see if they are matched. Betfair covers all of the popular football markets that people would expect to see. Betfair currently has a sign-up offer that can see customers gain £100 of free bets. A customer must place 5 bets of at least £10 and they will then be given a £20 free bet. This can be repeated 5 times which leads to £100 worth of free bets in total.

Matchbook football betting

Matchbook football betting takes place on the exchange. This means that, unlike a bookmaker, the odds are not fixed and are set by gamblers themselves. This means that there is greater flexibility when it comes to odds as long as they are then matched/accepted. Matchbook football betting covers all of the most popular football markets that are available to bet on. In terms of reputation, Matchbook saw its license being suspended in 2020 but this was reinstated later that year. Issues that were identified by the UK Gambling Commission included a lack of anti-money laundering checks. The sign-up offer from Matchbook currently sees new customers betting commission-free for 1 month.

Betdaq football betting

Betdaq is a betting exchange rather than a bookmaker. This means that the odds are not fixed. It also means that gamblers can back and lay an event. In Betdaq football betting this means that you are able to bet that a team won’t win which covers a team losing and also drawing. The Betdaq betting exchange covers all of the major football markets that gamblers would expect to find at a well-respected operator. Betdaq was the former sponsor of Sunderland FC and in terms of sign up offers they are currently offering a free £10 bet once you have placed a bet for £10 or more.

Spreadex football betting

Spreadex football betting works differently when compared to the fixed odds on offer at a traditional bookmaker. Spread betting sees gamblers betting on a spread rather than one set outcome. As an example, the spread of total goals could be 2.8-3. If you thought more goals would be scored you would buy. If you thought there would be less then you would sell. Any winnings or losses are directly linked to how right or wrong your prediction is. Spreadex is a well established and trusted operator. Its current sign up offer sees customer receiving either £300 cashback or a free iPad.

Sporting Index football betting

Sporting Index football betting sees gamblers being able to bet on over 100 football markets. The most common include supremacy, total goals, goal times, and total bookings. Sporting Index is a spread betting platform so players bet on a spread rather than fixed odds. However, there is also an odds section that operates in a similar way to a traditional bookmaker. Sporting Index is one of the longest established spread betting sites and is well respected and trusted. Its current welcome bonus sees customers being credited with £50 when they open an account. Customers are able to withdraw any winnings from using this credit but are also liable for any potential losses.

William Hill football betting

William Hill is a well-known bookmaker who has been operating since 1934. This means that when it comes to William Hill football betting, it is a company that can be trusted. As a traditional bookmaker, William Hill offers fixed odds on all of the common and most popular football markets. It has also recently signed sponsorship deals with Chelsea, Everton, and Tottenham Hotspurs to become its official betting partners. The current welcome bonus that is offered by William Hill sees customers receive a free £30 bet in return for placing their first bet of £10 or above.

Football betting tips today

Football betting tips today refers to football betting tips that are available on a given day for punters to utilise before placing their bets. These betting tips can be found across a number of websites as well as featuring heavily across certain social media platforms. There are free football betting tips available on some platforms, but generally when people are looking to use these as a way of making money long term then they sign up and pay a monthly subscription or pay per tip. Football betting tips are not a guaranteed way of winning from a football bet and there may be mixed degrees of success.

Fixed odds football betting

Fixed odds football betting sees gamblers placing a bet where the odds are fixed. This means that at the time of placing a bet, a bookmaker will be showing certain odds on a football match. When a gambler sees these odds and places their bet, they are accepting the odds knowing that they will not change no matter what happens from then up until the event starts. An example could be that a punter places a bet for Liverpool to beat Everton. If a £1 bet was placed at odds of 9-1 then if Liverpool won the person would take £10. This is made up of the £1 stake being returned and the £9 win. Some of the biggest sites that offer fixed odds are Sky Bet, Paddy Power, and BetFred.

Sports spread betting on football

Sports spread betting on football works differently to fixed odds. With a spread bet, the bookmaker will offer a spread rather than a set result. One example could be that the number of goals scored in a match could be between 2.7 and 3. This would then be the spread. If you believe that more goals will be scored then you buy. If you believe that there will be less then you would sell. Gamblers can see bigger wins the more right they are, but conversely, their losses can also increase with how wrong that they are. The most popular companies that offer sports spread betting on football are Sporting Index and Spreadex.

Betting exchange football betting

Betting exchange football betting sees players betting against each other and setting their own odds. Rather than just betting that something will happen, people can also bet that it won’t happen. This is known as laying a bet. As an example, you may see a football match between Liverpool and Manchester Utd with Liverpool 2/1 favourites to win. Rather than just back the bet, you could lay the bet saying that Liverpool won’t lose. This means that if Liverpool wins or draw your bet is successful. You would only lose if Manchester Utd won. The most popular betting exchanges are Betfair and Smarkets.

Football betting odds

Football betting odds are a way of bookmakers representing how likely an event is likely to occur. These are usually represented as a fraction such as 4/1, but can also be represented by decimals such as 1.5. Across bookmakers, the odds on certain football matches may vary but they tend to balance out across the different markets. For example, one bookmaker may have preferable odds for the full-time result while the odds on both teams to score could be less favourable. Another bookmaker may be the complete opposite. However, when it comes to getting the best football betting odds across the market, William Hill is certainly up there.

Football betting sites

Football betting sites are websites that allow gamblers to place bets on the outcome of a football match. This could be the final score, which team will win, the number of goals scored, and a whole range of other markets. Football betting sites may be sites that offer fixed odds meaning that a gambler accepts the odds displayed and once the bet is placed, the odds will not change. There are also betting exchanges. These football betting sites see players betting against each other and setting their own odds. There are also sports spread betting sites that see players being able to bet on a spread. Some of the biggest football betting sites are:

Online football betting

Although many players may opt for online football betting, there is still the option to visit high street bookmakers. High street bookmakers have existed longer than online football betting sites and offer players the opportunity to bet on the same markets. One of the main differences between online football betting and betting in a bricks and mortar bookmaker is the welcome bonuses on offer. Most online football betting sites offer sign up bonuses to attract new customers. Some also give regular offers to loyal customers. These offers are not as common at high street bookmakers. Betting online makes placing football bets convenient but some players prefer the atmosphere that a physical bookmaker offers.

Football betting Paddy Power

Football betting Paddy Power is an online bookmaker that allows players to bet on football matches. Common bets include the number of goals, who will win, both teams to score, and the number of goals scored in a match. Football betting Paddy Power is in the form of fixed-odds meaning that before placing a bet you will see the odds that are on offer and these will not change once your bet has been accepted. Paddy Power has previously had sponsorship deals with clubs such as Huddersfield Town and is a well known and respected bookmaker in the UK. The welcome bonus at Paddy Power sees new customers placing a risk-free bet of £10. If the best loses the players are credited with £10.

Free football bets

Free football bets are often part of an online bookmakers sign up or welcome bonus. Typically sites will require a customer to sign up and then place a bet. The amount of this bet may vary as well as the odds that can be used, but once the bet has completed players are rewarded with free football bets. These free football bets are offered by many of the most popular online bookmakers. As there are a great number of online betting sites, these sites offer free football bets as a way of attracting new customers. There are also other free bets available for loyal customers to retain them.

Free football betting tips

It is possible to get free football betting tips. These can, at times, come from bookmakers themselves but they generally come from professional people and companies who make a living from this. These free tips are generally free as they are used to demonstrate how effective they are and then attract customers to pay for football betting tips going forward. This is often in the form of a monthly subscription. Paying a monthly subscription allows players access to football betting tips throughout the month that they have paid for. Some players believe that paying for football tips is not a worthwhile activity and that those selling such tips would have no need to if their own betting was already successful.

Coral football betting

Coral is an online bookmaker that allows players to bet on a wide range of sports. Coral football betting is offered with fixed odds meaning that players see the odds prior to placing a bet and once the bet is accepted, the odds will not change. Coral football betting covers all of the major football betting markets such as teams that will win, the number of corners, both teams to score, and the number of goals. Coral is owned by the same group that operates Ladbrokes and has a reputation as being a trustworthy site. The current sign up offer for Coral football betting sees new customers receive £20 in free bets after they have placed a £5 bet themselves.

Football betting prediction

A football betting prediction is similar to football betting tips in that they seek to predict the outcome of a football match. This may be in terms of who actually wins a match but is most commonly seen when looking at bets on a match being drawn. This is done by looking at the odds offered on the number of goals that will be scored. The thought behind this is that if the market shows there are unlikely to be many goals in a match then a draw is more likely. Although this may be an indicator as to what may happen, the outcome can not be guaranteed and choosing whether or not to follow such predictions is down to personal preference.

Best football bets

When looking at what makes the best football bets there are primarily, 2 things to consider: the likelihood of winning and the odds that are on offer. Some of the best football bets that can offer these things are:

  • Over/under goals
  • First half over/under
  • Both teams to score (BTTS)

With over/under goals players are able to bet on whether there will be more or less than a certain amount of goals during the match. The first half option follows the same principle but applies only to the first half. As the name would suggest, BTTS allows bets to be placed on both teams scoring.

Best football betting apps

The best football betting apps are available on mobile devices and work across all platforms. This means that whether you have an iOS or Android device you will still be able to download the app. By downloading football betting apps, you are able to receive push notifications to your device. Players can instantly be informed when there is an event that they may be interested in betting on and also when there are any relevant offers. Football betting apps offer convenience for those that are betting on football matches as they are able to place bets on the go.

Football transfer betting

Football transfer betting is when gamblers place bets on what transfers are going to take place. There are 2 transfer windows each year and there is often plenty of speculation as to which players may leave their current club and sign for another. This could be players seeking new opportunities or try to leave a struggling club. Popular bookmakers such as Coral, Paddy Power, and William Hill allow such bets. An example bet could involve the player Gareth Bale and how likely it is that he will sign for a new club by a set date. Each potential club that he could sign for will have its own odds which are set by how likely such a move would be.

Ladbrokes football betting

Ladbrokes football betting takes place at the bookmaker Ladbrokes where bets can be placed with fixed odds. This means that a player places a bet at the displayed odds and once the bet is accepted the odds do no change. Ladbrokes offer the chance to bet on all major football markets. The bookmaker is owned by the same company that operates Coral and both are regarded as well established and trusted. The current welcome bonus available at Ladbrokes rewards customers with a £20 free bet once they have placed a bet for £5 or more.

Sky Bet fantasy football

Sky Bet fantasy football allows players to form their own football teams made up of some of the best football players in the world. This is free to play as long as you already have a Sky Bet account. Players are given a £100 million budget to build their teams and gain points based on how these players perform in real-life football matches. Transfers can be made throughout the season to strengthen your team. Although it is free to enter, Sky Bet fantasy football, there are still cash prizes including a £50,000 jackpot. The offerings at Sky Bet are similar to those found at Paddy Power and Betfair.

Bet live football

A bet on live football sees gamblers placing bets on football matches after they have already started. This is also referred to as an in-play bet. At a bookmaker that offers fixed odds, the odds are published before the game starts. If they also offer in-play betting the odds are subject to change as certain events take place. For example, if at the start of a game Liverpool were the odds on favourite to beat Chelsea, you would bet and accept the odds before kick-off. If during the match Chelsea took the lead, Liverpool may still be favourites but would be less likely to win so the odds would change. Betting in-play means you often get better odds. In-play betting is also available at betting exchanges and as a sports spread bet.

Football bet calculator

A football bet calculator allows gamblers to calculate the potential return on any bet that they may want to place. These calculators allow you to enter the odds that you are considering as well as the amount that you are willing to bet. The football bet calculator will then calculate the potential return that you would achieve if your bet was a winning one. This includes the stake that is returned plus the winnings on top. These calculators are available on many bookmakers sites including the likes of William Hill and Coral. They offer a simple way to calculate your return on bets such as the winning team, goals scored, and both teams to score. You can convert fractional odds to decimals with our fractional to decimal odds converter and calculate sports spread betting winnings with our football spread betting calculator.

Football betting in-play

Football betting in-play sees gamblers being able to place a bet on a football match after it has already kicked off. Odds during in-play betting can change at speed as bookmakers react to events that are happening in real-time. For people who bet at fixed odds sites, they can often achieve better odds by betting in-play as the odds can fluctuate and exceed the fixed odds that were given at the start of a match. This may be due to an event such as the favourite team going a goal behind or having a key player sent off. In-play betting at exchanges and sports spread betting is similar in that the odds on offer can change dramatically in a short space of time.

Football betting strategy

A football betting strategy involves placing bets following a specific set of rules. 3 such examples are:

  • Goliath Bets – Goliath bets see 8 sections being made such as 8 teams to win. This makes it an 8 fold accumulator but when broken down there are 247 possible outcomes. Just 2 wins lead to a profit.
  • Matched Betting – Matched betting sees gamblers taking advantage of free bets from bookmakers. By backing one outcome at the bookmaker and laying this at the exchange there is a guaranteed profit.
  • Kelly Criterion method – This method uses 2 pieces of information to assess the worth of placing a bet. These are the odds set by the bookmaker and then the probability of a set outcome. The maths involved may be confusing at first but can in time lead to profits.

Sky Bet football odds

Sky bet football odds are competitive compared to other online bookies in the UK. Across other sports, Sky Bet performs well and even has a best odds guarantee although this does not apply to football bets. In terms of football odds, gamblers can often find better odds at exchanges such as Betfair and Smarkets. Here players can set their own odds and as long as they are accepted by other bettors then they can far exceed those on offer at Sky Bet.

Football betting UK

Football betting in the UK is extremely popular and a pastime for many. The sport itself is often referred to as the English game and has its roots in the UK. Each team in the English leagues have loyal fans and followers and betting on football matches becomes an extension of this. UK football betting sites also allow bets to be placed on overseas football and it is very common to be able to place bets on clubs based in Europe and beyond. The experience of betting on overseas matches is the same as betting on domestic games.

Handicap football betting

Handicap football betting is offered by many bookmakers and is a way to give even out matches when a weaker team is facing one that is superior. For example, if Chelsea were playing Manchester United and Chelsea were the clear favourites then Manchester United could be given a 2-0 handicap advantage. For a bet to win then the team must score one more goal than the handicap. In this example, if Chelsea were to win the match 1-0, the bet would still be lost as the handicap would require them to win 3-0.

How to win football betting

When looking at how to win football betting, gamblers need to be aware of the easiest bet types to win from. Placing a bet on who is likely to win a fixture is not always straight forward and even when there is a clear favourite there are never any guarantees. The easiest bets to win from are those looking at the number of goals that will be scored in a game. There is usually the opportunity to bet on whether the goals will be over or under a set amount so there is no need to predict the exact number of goals scored. Some people seek to win from football bets as they are betting on a team that they follow. For others, it is about generating money and these people may take a more strategic approach.

American football betting

American football betting allows people to place bets on this sport. There may sometimes be confusion when looking at online bookmakers as to which sport you are looking at. Those based in the US will refer to American football as simply being football. When referring to the game that the UK calls football, they will use the term soccer. Some online bookmakers list American football and soccer and do not use the word football. The popularity of American football means that much like football, there are numerous markets to bet upon with fixed odds, spreads, and in-play betting opportunities.

Football betting offers

Football betting offers are provided by many online bookmakers and are a popular way for them to attract new customers to their sites. These offers generally require a customer to make a deposit and place a bet at a set level. Once this is done and the bet has settled, the bookmaker will credit the customers account with funds that can be used as free bets. One example of such an offer can be seen at William Hill. At present, if customers bet £10 they are then credited with £30 of free bets to use.

Free football bet no deposit

A free football bet with no deposit allows players to benefit from an offer without the need to make a deposit. Usually, new customers are required to place a bet in order to unlock any bonuses, but no deposit offers simply require a customer to sign up with the bookmaker. A free football bet with no deposit will often have terms and conditions attached such as the minimum odds you can bet on, the events you can bet on, and the time you have to place the bet. These types of offers are common at online casinos but can be found at bookmakers too. SkyBet currently has an offer where new customers can receive a £10 free bet in return for signing up.

Best football bets this weekend

The best football bets this weekend are revealed by a variety of bookmakers and tipsters in the build-up to matches taking place. Weekends in the UK are the most popular days for competitive matches to take place, with kick-off traditionally being 3pm on a Saturday. The fixtures for each league are released before the start of the season and by the time a particular match takes place, those providing tips will have analysed what has happened in the season so far before making their predictions.

Football accumulator bets

Football accumulator bets see players place multiple bets which are then combined into one. As a minimum players need to predict the outcome of 4 events and the predictions must be correct for each of these for the bet to be successful. If you placed a 5-fold accumulator but you were only correct in predicting 4 out of 5 of the outcomes then the bet would be lost. The most common football accumulator bets see punters betting on home wins as statistics suggest that more matches are won by the whole team. As an example, if over the course of the weekend a player was looking at placing an accumulator they may look at 4 matches and decide to bet that in each of these matches the home team will win. If all 4 do this then the bet is won. People place accumulator bets as they lead to bigger payouts.

Football betting systems

Football betting systems are used by those placing bets as a way to maximise the chances of winning and so minimise any losses. Rather than placing bets based upon emotion, those following a system follow the rules rigidly. One such example is arbitrage betting. With this system, punters bet on opposite outcomes of an event, but with different odds and at different bookmakers. This means that no matter what the outcome is, they stand to win and all eventualities are covered. The profits may be smaller each time, but when followed correctly the profits should be consistent.

Best football betting strategy

Identify the best football betting strategy is not a straight forward task, primarily because all forms of betting, whether following a system or not, are subject to a degree of risk. The only strategy that can remove this element of risk is matched betting. This sees players taking advantage to sign up offers at bookmakers by placing free bets and then laying the bet at an exchange. This sees those using this system winning real money. The wins are not as big as if they had placed an outright bet, but by following the system, the bet becomes about maths rather than chance and winning is guaranteed.

Football betting FAQ:

How do you win at football betting?

Placing a bet carries an element of risk, but to increase your chances of winning at football betting, you should choose markets where the chances of winning are higher and consider following a betting system.

How can I bet on football?

To bet on football, you will need to sign up with an online bookmaker. Once you have done this you can see the selection of matches and markets that you are able to bet on.

How can I make money betting on football?

Any win can generate money, but this involves an element of risk. To make money more consistently when betting on football, it is worth considering a betting strategy.

Can footballers bet?

Footballers are able to bet on some sports but betting on football itself is prohibited due to issues around potential match-fixing.

Can you bet on preseason football?

Yes, you can bet on preseason football. It is common practice for teams to play friendlies and warm-up games before the season kicks off and these can be bet on just like any other match.

How can I place an in-play football bet?

In-play football bets can be placed at any online bookmaker that has an in-play section. Clicking on this will show you the matches that are currently taking place and what the odds are.

How much money is bet on football each year?

There are no exact figures for how much is bet on football each year, but around £900 million is bet on sports in the UK each year. Given the popularity of football, it is fair to assume that a sizeable part of this is bet on football.

What does each way mean in football betting first goalscorer?

The first half of your stake is placed on a player scoring the first goal. The second half is staked on the same player scoring the 2nd or 3rd goal.

What does under 2.5 goals mean in football betting?

This means that less than 2.5 goals will be scored so the bet would be successful if there were 1, 2, or 0 goals scored.

How can I bet on football transfers?

There are 2 transfer windows during the season. During these, you can log on to your online bookmaker and look at the odds offered for a player transferring to another team.

Can you make money from betting on football?

Yes, you can make money from betting on football, however, all bets carry a degree of risk so there is no guarantee that people will make money from every bet.

Do you pay tax on football bets?

In the UK, any winnings from betting or gambling are not subjected to tax. This means that you do not need to pay tax on football bets.

Does injury-time count in football bets?

Yes. Most bets cover what happens within the 90 minutes of the match including any stoppages so injury time is included.

Is football betting worth it?

For some football betting is purely a hobby. For others, it is a way of making money. Football betting can be worth it, but there is an element of risk involved.

How do football betting odds work?

Bookmakers set their odds based on the likelihood of a certain outcome actually happening. If something is seen as likely to happen then the odds will be lower.